Saturday, January 27, 2001

oh yah.. i forgot to tell u.. the cake cost a bomb!! sometimes i dun understand my friends.... they dun like Jean, but are willing to buy such a nice and expensive cake for her.. hmm. maybe they know they will be the ones eating it... :)
hi darrius, sorry for the dalay.. :) okie i will continue.. Julie took the ropes and tied Jean's arms together to stop her from struggling.. and Lynn was really bad... in just a few seconds, she managed to pull down Jean's pants together with her panties! I can see that Jean was fuming mad, but she can't show her anger, cause it is her birthday.. and all these are supposed to be part of her "celebration" then Janet came in with a birthday cake, and we started singing a birthday song for Jean... and throughout, the session, we didn't return Jean her undergarments.... :) anyway, she seems to forget that she was not wearing anything once we started singing the nice song for her... :)

Friday, January 26, 2001

okok... since u try so hard, i will tell u... but promise to keep it a secret okie? or next time I dun go out with u :)
Actually not much to tell u... anyway, I think Jean deserved it.. haha.. cause she used to enjoy making fun of other people...
haha.. let me tell u what happened.. as i had mentioned, they wanted to strip Lynn, and she refused.. so Lynn suddenly grabbed Jean's pants and tried to pull it down! i was actually quite surprised that Lynn will do that, cause initially, what we planned is just to remove her top! hehee.. tell u a secret, Jean wears light blue cotton underwear.. ;) and Jean was really violent. She actually gave Lynn a kick on her chest, and managed to keep her pants in place... i wanted to help Lynn, but I was sort of enjoying looking at them "fighting" hahaaha... then joanne pounced on Jean, and pinned her down by sitting on her legs... and Lynn grabbed Jean's hands tightly with her both hands... Jean was defeated! haha... and i was really shocked when Julie (yup, she was there too) opened her bag, and took out some ropes... i never knew that they had it so well planned. all along i thought they were just having fun. but as i had mentioned earlier, i think Jean deserve the treatment, cause she was always making fun of other people, and sometimes offended people in the process.. i myself dun really like her... haha... what a good chance for revenge. opps! I gotta go, will continue in a while. bye.

Wednesday, January 24, 2001

haha... are u sure?

Tuesday, January 23, 2001

hmm.. okok... what about the last reason? :P
quick quick!! tell me!
haha... u only listed 8 reasons :) where's the last 2?
Give me ten good reasons why i must tell u the details.. :P:P:P:P :D

Monday, January 22, 2001

U want details? Nah.. i beter dun tell u too much... Jean will kill me if she ever finds out that I told u what happened :P

Sunday, January 21, 2001

so i need to get a webserver to place the pics in? ok, i will try to find some free webservers when i have the time.. :) oh yah, i promised to tell u about what we did to Jean.. haha.. u are not gonna believe it. As Jean's parents were not around, we gathered in Jean's room upstairs, and Lynn and Joanne forced Jean to do a strip dance, and told her if she dun strip herself, they will do it.. haha.. so wicked. Their reasoning is that since it is Jean's birthday, she should be in her birthday suit.. haha.. and Jean refused to strip. (if it's me i won't also.. so embarassing!) And i was surprised that Lynn and Joanne actually meant what they say! Being of a smaller size, Jean was easily overpowered by Lynn and Joanne! poor thing! haha...
Darrius, any idea whether it's possible to include images into this blog? i want to show u some of the pics we took at Jean's birthday party. If not, i may have to send it to your email :) but the pics are quite big, so i dun wanna flood your mailbox :) But Jean is gonna kill me if she ever finds out that i posted her pic on the web. luckily i never tell anyone else about this site :) Keep it a secret between the two of us ok? You wil be shocked by what Joanne they all did to Jean on her birthday... luckily for her, there are no guys around. :) i gotta go now, will tell u more later!